A ‘carioca’ born designer, son of a finnish craftsman, who believes be able (re)design the world, creatively empowering people through a design behavior.



Creative Empowerment is the merge of Questto|Nó + Jaakko consultancy, a new enterprise created to guide organisations in way to improve their creative capabilities through its internal people. We need to change the existing systems, empowering, structuring and enabling the internals company's agents to create a more flexible, creative and assertive organisation, ready for today's challenges. From the initial diagnosis to final team recruitment, we deliver a complete solution to create value for your company and consumers.

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For almost 16 years I've been supporting brazilian and global companies to innovate through Design. During this period I had the pleasure to work with brands such as WHIRLPOOL, NATURA, SENNHEISER, INTEL, FABER-CASTELL, GE APPLIANCES, FIAT, among others. I also received more than 30 Design Awards such as IDEA, GOOD, IF and RED DOT, featuring two Design Management prizes issued by the Brazilian Industry Confederation (CNI).

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REDESIGNIT is a PLATFORM, a CONCEPT, a DREAM, a MOVEMENT. It all started in 2003 with a simple question: Can we redesign the world? 

Since then I've been trying to redesign some ideas, rituals and solutions that surrounds us. All this experimentation, led me to very simple insight: there is a lot of people trying to change the world so maybe, as a designer, my role should be just to support them, empower themREDESIGNIT aims to empower everyone to behaviour as designers and to redesign the world based in soul made Design solutions.

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Since 2014 I've been invited to speak about Design, Innovation and Creative Strategy and as a result of I gave hundreds of lectures in several universities, schools and events such as PUC-RIO, ESPM, BNDES, SAMSUNG, P&G, WGSN SP FASHION WEEK, KES, INTERACTION SOUTH AMERICA, PATH FESTIVAL, among others. In 2015 I started to be represented by The Mob - a global bureau of change-makers and any contact could be made through them. 

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