Hello all! I'm 'Carioca’ born designer, son of a Finnish craftsman, who believes to be able to (re)design the world, creatively empowering people through a design behavior


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With an MBA in Marketing and Creative Leadership, I spent most of my career contributing with Brazilian and global companies to innovate through a Human-approach

Along my professional journey, I have received more than 40 international and national Design Awards and participated as speaker, jury and or curator, for events such as Cannes Lions, IxDA South America, Path Festival and Brazilian Design Biennial.

As an executive I developed the 'Experience Design' area for Whirlpool LATAM (which was later replicated globally) and  'Future Insights' area (also for Whirlpool LATAM), influencing strategic initiatives for the brand's repositioning, new business developments, and digital cultural mindset implementation.

I also developed the Strategic and Innovation area for Indio da Costa (a major Brazilian design consultancy), supported Sennheiser's design team to evolve their processes, scope and stakeholders strategic relationship, contributed with NATURA, as a consultant, on its Design Hub initial development. 

Counseled for the Cultural Ministry, Secretariat of the Creative Industry of Brazil and UNESCO, to create a strategic plan for Brazilian Design and Culture for the next 10 years and supported EMBRAER Security and Defense (ATECH) to developed its first Design and Human-Centric Innovation area.

TodayI'm working as Group Director at FJORD | Accenture Interactive, speaking at public and private events about disruptive innovation, design and creative leadership, mentoring startups and companies in order to become more human oriented, coaching talents to develop their innovative mindset, spreading the 'Design behavior and mindset' through REDESIGNIT platform and advising for BRAINPOOL, a collective of experts in design that I co-founded in 2014. 


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*  Post-Industrial Designer,   the design of organic and living systems instead static artifacts. Read more on my  Medium  

*Post-Industrial Designer, the design of organic and living systems instead static artifacts. Read more on my Medium 


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Individual mentoring

A 3-cycle program focused on how to create an actionable blueprint that will guide individuals and start-ups for the 'present-future'. A mix of Design Behavior, Creative Leadership and Innovative Mindset.


Special talks and classes

Tailor made lectures to change the way people see and understand the world based on more than 17 years working as design and innovation executive, consultant, professor and provoker

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Feel free to connect with me anytime on my mobile (+55 11 98845 9577), Skype (j.tammela), email (contato@jaakko.com.br). If you want to see some of the stuff I've done I will be happy to send it! 

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Opening chapter on "The Design Revolution - Connections for the XXI Century," about creative mindset: "Designer. The creative being, the innovator being."